• ”Free Range” Eggs Your Way
    63°C slow poached, fried or scrambled eggs,
    homemade multigrain / sourdough toast 43K
  • The All Or Nothing
    egg your way, streaky bacon, ham,
    housemade beans, avo, potato croquette,
    cherry tomato, english spinach, mixed seeds,
    homemade multigrain / sourdough toast 88K
  • Avo Smash
    locally grown avo, roasted mushroom,
    capers & mixed seeds, radish, parsley oil,
    homemade multigrain toast 55K
  • Nasi Goreng Nebula
    grandma’s recipe fried rice, leek, chili
    add lap cheong +10K 60K
  • Chicken Prawn Dumpling
    chicken & prawn, ginger, chili oil, signature sauce 47K
  • Mie Goreng
    wok-tossed noodle, prawn, carrot, egg,
    capsicum, leek, oyster sauce 60K
  • Salmon-Avo Toast
    smoked salmon, avo smash, dill leaf, radish,
    mixed seeds, lemon 64K
  • Eggs Benny Ham
    beef ham, poached egg, nebula hollandaise,
    english spinach, mixed seeds,
    homemade multigrain / sourdough toast
    add prosciutto +20K, add streaky bacon +10K64K
  • Barries Pancake
    strawberry compote, mixed berries,
    white chocolate cream, raspberry jam,
    housemade blueberry sorbet 64K
  • Brunch Tasting Board
    all-rounded brunch fix; avo smash, poached egg,
    asian-style corn fritters, dipping of the day,
    choice of daily juice & smoothie bowl 98K
  • Asian Tasting Board assorted asian flavours; wonton soup, mie goreng,
    roti canai, curry dipping, choice of djamu juice 98K
  • Fried Rice Crispy Pork Belly
    double grilled pork belly, thai-style rice,
    omelette, pickles & crackers$60K
  • Kung Pao Chicken
    garlic, dried chili, capsicum, cashew nuts,
    leek, black vinegar, jasmine rice$60K
  • Nasi Campur Bali
    double dipped fried chicken, rendang,
    satay, balinese urap, egg, sambal,
    corn fritters, chicken skin$68K
  • Hongkong Wonton Noodle
    mama-style steamed dumpling, egg noodle,
    bok choy served in 48 hours beef broth$68K
  • Pad Thai
    street-style fried rice noodle, chicken, bean sprout,
    garlic, chive, egg, peanut$64K
  • Butter Chicken Curry
    indian-style curry,potato, yogurt, chili,
    cashew, jasmine rice, roti canai$94K
  • Rendang Curry of Wagyu Beef
    indonesian-style curry, cumin, coriander,
    toasted coconut, jasmine rice, roti canai$85K
  • Singaporean Laksa Noodle
    noodle, homemade traditional paste,
    coconut milk, egg, chicken, tofu$72K
  • Extra
  • toast 10K
  • egg 5K
  • roasted mushroom 10K
  • smashed avo 15K
  • potato croquette 10K
  • cheese 10K
  • spinach 10K
  • ham 20K
  • bacon 10K
  • smoked salmon 15K
  • Chicken Bulgogi
    korean grilled chicken, gochujang, mixed cabbage,
    cucumber, onion, mayonnaise$60K
  • Wagyu Beef Rendang
    slow cooked braised wagyu beef, coconut juice,
    cabbage, crispy shallot, mayonnaise$65K
  • Peanut Butter Kimchi
    tofu, kimchi, peanut butter, gochujang, miso,chili
    mayonaise, mixed cabbage, coriander leaf$60K
  • Crunchy School Prawn
    chili salt & ice berg lettuce 47K
  • Chicken Prawn Dumpling (best seller)
    ginger, chili oil & soy sauce 47K
  • Goi Cuon Spring Rolls
    pork, prawn, chicken, rice paper & peanut sauce
  • Sticky Pork Belly (best seller)
    sichuan chili salt tamarillo & tamarind sauce 64K
  • Satay Lilit Chicken (local fav)
    lemongrass, balinese spice 38K
  • Corn Fritters
    indonesian perkedel jagung 38K
  • Vietnamese Chicken Wings
    ginger, garlic, white wine & mushrom soy 47K
  • Cream Cheese Wonton wonton
    wrappers, cream cheese
    & sweet sour sauce 47K
  • Pork Rolls Up
    slow cooked pulled pork pancakes,
    veggie & plum sauce 64K
  • Large For Family
    choose any 3 of small bites 102K
  • Hongkong Wonton Noodle
    clear soup, egg noodle, pork & prawn dumpling
    & bok choy68K
  • Singaporean Laksa Noodle
    noddle, laksa paste, egg, chicken, tofu,
    prawn & beansprout
  • Pad Thai (old time fav)
    chicken, bean sprout, garlic, chive, egg & peanut64K
  • Mie Goreng Prawn Chicken
    indonesian egg noodle, prawn,
    chicken & sambal matah
  • Orange Chicken (best seller)
    signature dish, crispy chicken in sweet spicy
    orange sauce & jasmine / fried rice64K
  • Nasi Campur Bali
    chicken curry, rendang, satay, vegetable urap,
    egg with sambal, corn fritters and chicken skin68K
  • Golden Fried Chicken
    turmeric, lemongrass, shallot, garlic,
    vegetables, sweet chili sauce & jasmine rice
  • Stir Fry King Prawn
    baby corn, onion, peas, celery, chili,
    pad pirk paste & jasmine / fried rice77K
  • Fried Rice Crispy Pork Belly (old time fav)
    double grilled pork belly, omelette, pickles & crackers60K
  • Kung Pao Chicken (best seller)
    garlic, chili, capsicum, cashew nut, chili,
    leek, black vinegar & jasmine / fried rice60K
  • Beef Tenderloin Black Pepper
    black beans, black pepper, chili, peas,
    ear mushrooms, oyster sauce, jasmine / fried rice85K
  • Chow Mein
    hokkien noodle, carrot, capsicum,
    leek & oyster sauce60K
  • Nebula Pork Ribs (new fav)
    400gram Pork Ribs, ginger, garlic, chili,
    chinese 5 spice, sweet chili,
    honey sauce & french fries98K
  • Smokey Robinson Burger (old time fav)
    160g beef patty, bacon, smoked cheddar,
    onion rings, thousand island & fries94K
  • Classic American Burger
    160g beef patty, streaky bacon, cheddar,
    cos lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles,
    american mustard, thousand island,
    sesame bun & fries102K
  • Rendang Curry of Wagyu Beef
    cumin, coriander, toasted coconut
    & jasmine/roti canai 85K
  • Butter Chicken Curry (best seller)
    potato, yoghurt, chili & cashew
    & jasmine rice/roti canai94K
  • Green Curry of Barramundi
    pea, eggplant, baby corn, thai basil &
    jasmine rice/roti canai
  • Massaman Chicken Curry kipfler
    potatoes, peanuts, fried shallots
    & jasmine rice/roti canai
  • Quinoa Falafel Bowl (best seller)falafel, basil, crispy quinoa, avocado,
    grilled eggplant, mushroom, watercress,
    cauliflower, chick peas, cucumber root,
    carrot, tomato, hummus


  • Rainbow Chakra Bowl
    (salmon, poached chicken, tofu)
    chick peas, cucumber, smashed avo,
    cabbage, carrot, asparagus, tomato,
    salad and dip of the day78K
  • Poke Bowl
    a whole smoked salmon fillet, jasmine rice,
    avo, edamame beans, tomato,
    cucumber daiko radish, nori & soy dressing
  • Thai Beef Salad
    grilled beef tenderloin, red onion, capsicum,
    cucumber, lemongrass, lime leaf,
    chili & hot sour dressing
  • Gado Gado
    tofu, bean sprout, long bean, cabbage,
    egg & peanut sauce
  • Banana Nutella Roti
    condensed milk, nutella, sesame seeds,
    cinamon sugar43K
  • Deep Fried Ice Cream
    classic icea cream in crispy shell
  • Banana Fritter with Ice Cream
    fried banana in special mixture dough
    with vanila ice cream
  • Ice Cream of The Day
    2 scoops